Best Way to Cut Nails Screws And Bolts

Do you don’t know how to cut the screws? when it gets stripped or a bent nail, the best way to cut the nails, bolts, and screws are using a fastener?

Snipping, grinding and sawing are the three best ways of using which you can remove or cut very faster and safe you can also use some power tools to do the job efficiently.


If you want to cut the screw or nails then choose the snipping approach it is one of the best ways to use. Select the tool based on its dimensions and the hardness or thickness of the metal which you need to cut.

way to cut Screws And Bolts

  • Wire cutters: the wire cutters come with two bevelled blades to do a shear cut. For cutting the nails and screws cut the anvil cutters since they have long handles but this cutter is not convenient to carry in the too bag.
  • Bolt cutters: this cutter is similar to the wire cutters, but they have long handles. The Boltcutter is made with a geared cutting mechanism to increase the force of cut so that no much strain is put on the hands. It can be used to cut large diameter.



Grinding is another excellent way to cut nails, screws, and bolts in an effortless way there are few attractive grinders useful in cutting the nails, screws, bolts, and others such as the angle grinder, diamond grinder, etc.

  • Angle grinder: it is the best tool used for cutting the strong metals this tool is 4 ½ diameter and is excellent for cutting the heavy bolts. The angle grinder is an easy to handle power tool known as side or disc grinder you can find different types of grinder available in the market designed by different brands.
  • Rotary tools: the rotary tools are available in the cordless or corded model they are easy to carry and cut the bolts, screws, nuts and other hard materials. You can adjust the speed the machine according to the nature of work you are doing. It is a convenient tool as it is a less weight and small size tool.


The saw is one of the best tools to cut bolts, screws, and nuts but you need to select the best blade that is compatible with the saw choose the best metal cutting blade which is efficient in cutting any hard materials.

The metal cutting blades come with teeth so that it can be capable of cutting ant metal, screw, and nets bolts easily. You can different types of saws available in the market such as reciprocal saws, jigsaws, hacksaw, keyhole saws and others.

  • Reciprocal saws: it is excellent for cutting the bolts, nails, screws and other types of fasteners. The reciprocal saws are manufactured by Milwaukee which is a popular brand in oscillating tools industry.
  • Hacksaw: it has a straight blade with excellent fame to firmly hold the blade and to cut any metal quickly.

All these are the best ways to cut lots of nails, bolts, and screws which you need to know. Using this tools or by following these ways, you can cut any metal faster and easier.

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