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Complete Guide to Bathroom Cabinets and Mirrors

Bathroom cabinets give you a functional and stylish way to store toiletries, tissue rolls, all the other bath products and make your bathroom less chaotic. In case you are looking for an efficient way to tidy things up in the bathroom, then such a structure might be perfect. But, do you think purchasing a bathroom cabinet or mirror is easy? No, it’s harder than ever. All the credit goes to a wide array of models available in the market.
Today, we will discuss all the factors that you should before investing in a bathroom cabinet or mirror. Whether you want to know about built materials or style, we have collected all the points the could be helpful.

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets
Want to transform your boring washroom to something more stylish or trendy? Choosing a bathroom cabinet might be the best solution because it adds elegance, sophistication and above all, added space to put all your belongings. However, there are too many designs to choose from. Where should you begin? Let’s start with built materials.

What is the best construction material for bathroom cabinets?

Find a robust and durable bathroom cabinet because it has to withstand daily usage. Here are the materials that are generally used to construct such fixtures. Choose what’s durable and is available within your budget.
  • Aluminium: One of the most durable metals, aluminium never rusts or corrodes even if exposed to moisture. It’s the primary reason you can try bathroom cabinets made of this robust material. Moreover, aluminium made cabinets are generally available at reasonable price tags.
  • Stainless steel: Another metal that’s reputable to withstand daily usage. Stainless steel made cabinets look modern and are easy to clean. Style changes with each passing year, but steel has its elegance that cannot be overshadowed by any other trend.
  • Wood: Cost-effective option than stainless steel and aluminium made cabinets, wooden models are available in traditional and modern designs. Walnut and Oak are the common wood types used to construct these structures.

MDF cabinets are also suitable because they are water-resistant. However, MDF made models are not water-resistant. So, avoid installing such a fixture at places where it has to face direct moisture or water. Even if gets splashed, you should try to clean the structure as soon as possible.

Corner bathroom cabinets

Corner bathroom cabinets
If you own a small bathroom then corner cabinets deserve your attention. Such a fixture uses the bathroom corner to provide you with added storage space. A corner cabinet UK makes your bathroom look stylish and sleek. clickbasin corner bathroom mirror wall single door cabinet is a top-notch option that you can try.

Freestanding Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Perfect for medium or large bathrooms, freestanding storage cabinets never compromises on style and gives you a lot of additional storage. These cabinets are available in a variety of built materials, designs and height.

What to consider while choosing a bathroom cabinet?

  • Know your requirements: Make a mindset about what you need from the new purchase. If you have a large family, then look for a cabinet that can offer enough storage space for all the toiletries. On the contrary, you can go to a small cabinet if you are a family of two.
  • Decide a budget: Setting price range before you look for any bathroom furniture is beneficial because it helps you to narrow down the search results that save time.
  • Measure the open space: Measure the area where you will place or install the cabinet. Find a fixture that fixes within the given space.
  • Think about the installation methods: Wall mountable cabinets need some level of DIY skills. On the contrary, you can easily place a freestanding cabinet anywhere. Some of the wall mountable unit might need some serious drilling that can damage your bathroom’s walls. So, call a professional if you are unable to follow the setup instructions.

Features to consider

  • Shaving Socket: A bathroom cabinet with a shaving socket can solve your problem when you want some quick trimming. For instance, the model from Warmiehomy is a top-notch option if you need some added storage plus a mirror in your bathroom.
  • Demister: What is your perfect way to start the morning? A refreshing morning option could a nice answer. But, what if you come to know that the mirror will not be functional because of the extra fog? A cabinet with a demister pad keeps the cabinet mirror a little heated above the room temperature to avoid fogging.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: It’s not only the showers and toilets that are taking advantages of technology. Now, you can find bathroom cabinets with inbuilt speakers that can play music directly from your tablet or smartphone. Yes, the price tag of such fixtures are high, but it’s worth if you are in love with music. For instance, you can try the Neue Design Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet.
  • Infra-Red Sensors: If you want to enjoy some luxury then try a bathroom cabinet with infra-red sensors. It will do the needful by sensing the motion of your hand. So, there is no need to touch switches or buttons.

Bathroom Mirrors

A mirror is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. What else can you do while brushing the teeth or washing your face? You can find a storage cabinet with an inbuilt mirror. But, what if you don’t need any extra storage inside the bathroom? In that case you can opt for a stand-alone mirror.
What to consider while choosing a bathroom mirror?
You need to consider some factors while investing in a bathroom mirror. A full-length mirror might not be suitable for families with young kids. So, if you are living in a family your children, look for a wall-hung mirror.
Space might be a less factor to concern if you own a medium to the large-sized bathroom. In case the washroom is small, its recommended that you measure the available space before choosing a mirror.
Like bathroom cabinets, mirrors are also available with features like LED lights. If you are going for such an item, then professional help is required. Visit for more helpful information about redesigning your bathroom.