Differences Between Zero Turn And Riding Mowers

Almost every household owns some mowing garden tools. The general ones are gas-powered and electric lawnmowers. However, do you know anything about zero-turn mowers and riding mowers?

Only a few people are familiar with these types of mowing equipment. This is because these two mowers are not as common as the other types. Besides, they’re usually used for large lawns and yards. While they both have many things in common, they also have a few peculiarities as well if you want to know the difference between a riding mower and the zero turn mower, this post for you.

Zero Turn vs. Riding Mower: Which One is The Best?

1. Mowing Pattern

The number one difference between a zero turn mower and a riding lawn mower lies in their mowing patterns. As you operate a riding mower, you need to get to the end of every grass swath. As you continue, you’ll need to mow the grass again but this time, in the opposite direction. A few patches of uncut grass usually are left while the riding mower is taking a full turn in the other direction.

On the other hand, a zero turn mower can carefully cut around barriers. As a matter of fact, it does this without messing up any blade of grass. Because of this, it is much faster to mow your lawn with this machine. After considering the features of your lawn, do well to choose the best mower for it as regards this category.

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2. Machine Control Process

While riding and zero-turn mowers perform the same functions, they are controlled in different ways. Many individuals consider riding mowers easier and simpler to manage. This is probably because of the presence of a steering wheel. Many people are familiar with steering wheels and can easily learn to make the machine work. Unlike the riding mower, the zero-turn mower has a pair of handles with which the mower can be controlled. It does, however, have a pedal that helps to stop the machine. Before you apply the brake, you must move the two handles into the neutral position.

The back wheels of this type of mowers can withstand tight turns under the operator’s control. Riding mowers, on the other hand, make these turns using the wheels at the front. Also, a zero turn mower can mow trees as well as all other obstacles in a lawn within a short period.

3. Mowing Speed

The faster option between the two mowers is the zero-turn lawnmower. It beats the riding mower by two miles per hour. Riding mowers function at a speed of between 3 to 4 mph. Meanwhile, the general speed level of zero-turn mowers is between 5-8 mph. However, some zero turn mowers like the commercial ones have a cutting speed of 13 mph.

4. Deck Size

When it comes to selecting a zero turn or riding lawn mower, the deck size is among the most critical things to consider. Irrespective of the kind of mower you want, avoid a machine that will cut swaths that are too narrow. This is because it will take a long period of time to cut your lawn using the equipment.

If you want to avoid buying a lawnmower with a deck size that is too broad, find out the distance that is between the obstacles in your yard. Zero-turn mowers have at least 60 inches deck size. Meanwhile, the deck size of a riding mower should not be less than 54 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Does The Zero Turn Mowers Cost More Than The Riding Mowers?

Zero-turn mowers have larger decks and engines than the conventional riding mowers. Besides, the zero-turn variant has more steel components than the riding variant.

  1. How Does a Zero Turn Mower Cut Faster Than a Riding Mower?

A zero-turn mower only requires half of the time a riding mower takes to cut grass. They can cut around driveways and trees at proximity because they have a zero-turn radius.


Now, it’s time to make your own decision. Between riding and zero turn mower, which do you prefer? Both will assist you in keeping your lawn trimmed. However, zero-turn mowers work best when your lawn has many obstacles.

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